Housing for Workforce, Farmers, Elderly, Families Permanently Affordable • Shared Equity
Owner Occupied • Resale Restricted

NEWS: The handout presented to participants at our August 10th workshop for the  Summer NOFA Conference at UMass, Amherst is available here. This two-page document is a useful summary of the community land trust model and how it can be employed to support agriculture development.

NEWS: In the Sustainable Berkshires report on Housing & Neighborhoods adopted by the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission March 20, 2014, expanding the community land trust model is recommended as a top strategy for creating more affordable housing in Berkshire County. Read the report here. Read the Berkshire Trade & Commerce July 2014 article here. Find all eight sections of the Sustainable Berkshires report are here.

NEWS: Videos of the Farmland Access Symposium (April 12, 2014) are on Youtube, including Kathy Ruhf‘s keynote, Bridget Spann and Leslie Reed-Evans telling the story of Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation and Caretaker Farm, Jen Salinetti from Woven Roots Farm and Bruce Howden from Howden Farm telling the story of their challenges as farmers, and the service providers panel including Rick Chandler from Mass Dept of Ag Resources APR Program, Kathy Orlando from Sheffield Land Trust, Benneth Phelps from the Carrot Project and Bill Martin from Farm Credit East.

NEWS: Huffington Post article on the growing need for community land trusts to stabilize housing boom and bust cycles, and protect local residents from the price pressure of gentrification: Urbanism at a Crossroads by Aaron Bartley, co-founder of PUSH (People United for Sustainable Housing), June 25, 2014.